Analytics & Research

Xenophon Analytics is a leading public opinion firm and is the research arm of Xenophon Strategies. We engage in research for a variety of national and international clients to gauge public opinion, analyze reputations and bring clarity to complex issues. We specialize in public policy, public affairs and corporate positioning and conduct polling, focus groups and deep dive issue research.

Xenophon Analytics maintains proprietary databases filled with people who have opted into our research platform. For example, our Frequent Flyer Database consists of over 200,000 frequent flyers from across the nation who have opted-in and live in virtually every U.S. media market.

Xenophon Analytics also produces XenWatch™ media monitoring to track issues, news and social conversations from as-it-happens to daily, weekly or monthly reports. Our unique media maps serve as a guide to working with professional news media and ensures that the right story is targeted to the right journalist.

If you are interested in joining a Xenophon research pool or would like to receive research that we make public, please sign up and you can opt-out at any time.

We conduct research to test messages, ideas or the impact of news on brands and industries. To be included in future surveys, sign up!

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Proving The Concept

Analytics and research are fundamental building blocks for any campaign. Research allows us to target the correct journalists, identify social influencers and anticipate how an issue will develop in the media. Analytics allow us to measure the effectiveness of our tactics and, if necessary, make adjustments.

As a recent example, large automotive industry company had to announce a recall on a hot-button issue; they were rightly worried because of months-long page one media coverage of unrelated accidents which preceded the planned recall. We identified the universe of journalists who needed the right information, the sources the reporters used, and the key influencers across social media. This research informed our strategies and allowed us to educate on the issue before the company could get wrongly tagged as a bad actor.

Research today means that we aren’t guessing as what to do, we are basing decisions on data and informed opinions.


Communications Audits

We frequently conduct communications audits for clients, using our expertise to improve communications or even restructure a dysfunctional department. Our assessments are filled with useful recommendations that can be implemented.

Forensic Research

Forensic research allows us to find out what is really behind an issue or news story and find information that helps to manage it. We dig deep and find the reports, research, quotes and stories that move a story.

Media Mapping

Media mapping is the process by which we identify which journalists are covering an issue, which are driving other coverage. Who is hostile? Who is sympathetic? Media mapping means we aren’t guessing when we target certain reporters.

News & Social Analysis

Modern media and social can bring a torrent of information. Xenophon’s analytics turns the fire hose into a drinking fountain with our news & social analysis.

Polling & Focus Groups

We work with the nation’s top research firms to test messages, ideas or the impact of news on our client’s reputation. To be included in future surveys, sign up!

Sources & Influencers

We also map media sources and social influencers. By educating the sources reporters use, we can frequently influence their work.

XenWatch™: News and Digital Monitoring & Analysis

Clients need to know what is being said about them across all media, not just newspaper clips. We monitoring press and social media for our clients and provide insightful analysis of what it all means. From occasional to daily reports or breaking news, we collect, qualify and analyze it all.