A PR Pioneer

At Xenophon, we manage issues and influence opinions and actions. We work across all media, but believe that communicating the message through professional journalists is key because credible stories drive digital content and social audiences. We work with some of the world’s best-known companies, associations, industries and governments. Xenophon is headquartered in Washington, DC.

We create integrated PR campaigns that use earned and social media to drive our client’s stories to key audiences. We work closely with professional journalists, but create innovative digital and social media as well. Technology is a key part of all our work and we are sophisticated with its use across all mediums.

Media Relations

Professional journalists, especially from well-known, quality, outlets still have great influence because of the public’s thirst for credibility. No firm is better at impacting news and journalists than Xenophon; it is something we’ve been doing every day for eighteen years.

Crisis Communication

Xenophon offers a full range of crisis services: 24/7 incident response, plan assessments, training & drills, issues management, managing investigation journalists, forensic research and social media. Most PR agencies say they do crisis communications, but few, if any, have the proven track record of Xenophon Strategies.

Digital & Social

People today have so much news, information and social content coming at them that the first trick is to get them to pay attention. We create and manage social media properties and fill them with meaningful content, striking graphics, award-winning video and functional websites.

Public Affairs

Our public affairs campaigns use earned media, social and targeted advertising to shape issues before Congress or the Administration. We help navigate hostile regulatory mazes, shape opinions about issues and carefully target governmental leaders. Lobbyists love us because we get results.

Strategic Messaging

To get attention, companies need to tell a story that is interesting and grabs an audience. Xenophon excels at crafting messages and narrative that shapes issues to be interesting, credible and compelling. Our strategies for engaging audience are timely, relevant and use the latest in technology to get noticed.


Litigation can grab the public’s attention and when it does, companies need skilled experts to guide their communications. We manage litigation issues,  that can define a company with the public, government officials and key audiences. At Xenophon, we deal with the tough issues that few others are equipped to define and resolve.


High quality content drives engagement and is a communications campaign keystone. Our writers, tacticians and creative services pros produce a wide variety of content including editorial columns, policy papers, social media posts, videos and everything in between. We shape and define issues with impact so that audiences pay attention.

Analytics & Research

Analytics and research are fundamental building blocks for any campaign. Research allows us to target the correct journalists, identify social influencers and anticipate how an issue will develop in the media. Analytics allow us to measure the effectiveness of our tactics and measure ROI.

Creative Services

Creative services make advertisements, videos, social properties and collateral material shine. At Xenophon, our in-house staff produce stellar materials every day. Included in our services are graphic design, frontend website development, social property creation, collateral materials, videos for broadcast or social, photography and animation.

Media Training

Whether you are preparing for an interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball or want to improve skills for a media interview, Xenophon offers expert, customized media training for individuals and small groups taught by our top notch staff with experience in journalism, government and politics.

Third Parties

We connect clients with the audiences and influencers who can define and impact their business. Industry experts, analysts, government officials, issue advocacy groups all need to be hearing your story — and we help define the narrative and ensure the right people hear it.

50 Markets Worldwide

The Public Relations Global Network connects nearly 50 PR agencies in virtually every major market worldwide. It’s an exclusive club because agencies don’t choose to join PRGN, the network chooses the agencies after careful analysis and vetting. Xenophon Strategies is proud to be the Washington, DC member of PRGN.