Making Ideas Come Alive

At the core of good campaigns frequent lies the creative services that make advertisements, videos, social properties and collateral material shine. At Xenophon, most of our creative services are done in house and we produce stellar materials every day. Included in our services are graphic design, frontend website development, social property creation, collateral materials, videos for broadcast or social, photography and animation.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is the first creative service that comes to mind and for good reason: work needs to be cleanly and professional designed to properly deliver messages.

Web Design

Websites and micro-sites are frequently used as the destination for social audiences and advertising, serving as the heart of many campaigns. Xenophon creates the sites in-house including design, construction and content.

Collateral Material

Collateral materials used to mean print and print alone. While print is still important, we produce hosts of digital materials like info-graphics, issue briefs and other materials.


Xenophon produces a wide variety of videos including 30 second commercials, longer format documentary-style pieces and shorter pieces for social media. Video is a growing digital medium and we do it for many clients, including the Centers for Disease Control and Airbus.