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Whether you are preparing for an interview with CBS “60 Minutes,” or want to improve skills for any media interview, Xenophon offers expert, customized media training in Washington DC for individuals and small groups. Sessions are taught by top-notch professionals including Xenophon president David Fuscus, who did over 6,000 news interviews when he was the chief spokesman for the U.S. airline industry and SVP Mark Hazlin, a former journalist with Forbes and USA Today.

Sessions are customized to the client’s individual needs and issues and include General Media Training, Interview Specific Training, Spokesperson Training and Testimony & Hearing Training. We also work with clients to incorporate public facing messages in depositions.


General Media Training

The session centers on how the modern media works including the state of professional journalism (surprisingly healthy), interview skills and taped mock interviews. Depending on a client’s needs, the session can include television specific interview skills or handling a journalist for print or digital stories. We’ll cover how to get journalists to center on your key messages and quotes.

Interview Specific Training

We’ve trained people to appear on every major television news show including 60 Minutes and Dateline, to do contentious interviews with all of the national media including The Washington PostThe New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Whatever the interview, we’ve been there before, many, many times.

Litigation & Depositions

When is a deposition more than a deposition? When is a complaint or a brief more than just a legal filing? Sometimes cases are tried in the court of public opinion as well as a courtroom. Xenophon excels at working with legal teams to establish a clear public facing narrative throughout the case that works legally and with the public.

Presentations & Public Speaking

We offer a wide variety of presentation training, from best practices for occasional presenters to customized sessions for experienced public speakers. We also work with clients on individual speeches and presentations to hone messages and increase impact.

Spokesperson Training

Xenophon works with an organization’s communications staff to improve their skills at dealing with journalists including how to make news, develop relationships, improve interview skills and how to get your organization noticed.

Testimony Prep & Training

Whether you are testifying before Congress or at a regulatory hearing, establishing a clear narrative with key messages is the key to success. We work with clients on both the testimony and delivery, anticipate questions and prepare you to handle anything the politicians or regulators throw out.

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