Social Media Training

With the variety of choices out there, if can be hard for organizations and their leadership to understand when and how they should take advantage of the social media platforms that exist. Each one, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Tik Tok, serves a different purpose, but each allows for connection with your consumers. This means companies, non-profits, C-suite execs and so on can engage with their audiences daily, but also use these tools to communicate quickly and effectively during times of crisis.

Xenophon provides social media trainings that are tailored specifically for each of our clients in order to better assist them in navigating the many facets of social media. Training sessions may include Social Media OverviewSocial Media Strategy, Social Media Management; Message Development; and Crisis Response and Engagement 

Social Media Overview 

This aspect of social media training is set up for any organizations or executives that could be hesitant to engage on social media. It will highlight the differences between the various platforms, help you understand which are best for you, how to set up an account or accounts, and lay the foundation of building an audience and posting original content. 

Social Media Strategy 

Just because you start a Twitter account, it doesn’t mean people will see it or start following you. There are several important steps within an overall strategy that need to be taken in order to build an audience. This session will lay those steps out clearly and help determine which tactics are best suited for you. Xenophon can also help you establish a personality for your social media accounts as part of this strategy session. 

Message Development 

When speaking with media or at a conference, it’s important to have messages prepared. The same goes for social media. This training will walk you through message development for the various social media platforms because what may work on Facebook may not work on Twitter.  

Social Media Management 

If there is a need to engage on multiple social media platforms, it can be stressful to manage each one effectively. Xenophon will layout various recommendations on how to best manage all the platforms that exist, which could include establishing a schedule or utilizing a social media management tool. 

Crisis Response and Engagement 

Issues and crisis can unfold within seconds on social media, and it is important to understand that your followers want answers in real time – not a day or even five hours after the fact. Social media has pushed the timeframe for responding to a crisis, and organizations and their leadership need to understand how to respond quickly and effectively.  

Social Media War Room 

For any crisis, Xenophon can also establish a client-specific Social Media War Room that will monitor news and updates as they unfold. This service has been utilized by numerous clients during major disasters and crises including hurricanes, tornadoes, aircraft accidents, and more.  

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