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Weiji, the Chinese character for crisis, comes from combining “risk” and “opportunity” because a wisely handled risk can have positive results and at Xenophon, we know this to be true.

A crisis can be debilitating for an organization, especially if accompanied by intensive press coverage. Xenophon started as a crisis communications firm and over the past 16 years, we’ve handled everything imaginable: 9/11 for the airline industry; Katrina for The Salvation Army; the players in the Duke Lacrosse scandal, high profile litigation; cyber hacks; recalls and everything in between.

Xenophon offers a full range of crisis services: 24/7 incident response, plan assessments, training & drills, issues management, managing investigation journalists, forensic research and social media. Most PR agencies say they do crisis communications, but few, if any, have the proven track record of Xenophon Strategies.


24-hr On-Call Support

Xenophon crisis experts are available 24/7 by calling our Crisis Response Line, 708-237-6422.

Crisis Assessments

We’ve done dozens of crisis plan audits and frequently find outdated plans that have sat on a shelf for years. Wondering how your plan stacks up? Call us.

Crisis Planning

We assess and create crisis communication plans for some of the world’s most well-known organizations. Among our many clients, we created Airbus’s crisis response plan for the Americas and designed the system by which The Salvation Army handles communications during natural disasters.

Crisis Response

Xenophon helps clients get through almost every type of crisis including airplane accidents, recalls, litigation and even criminal cases. We are available to 24/7 by calling our Crisis Response Line, 708-237-6422.

Issues & Reputation

Want to avoid a crisis? Managing issues in advance is the key. We help clients anticipate and manage any and all issues that can touch their reputation.

Messaging & Strategy

At the core of every communications effort is messages and narrative: what is the story that we want to tell? How do we make it interesting? In today’s world, people are bombarded with so much information that their first instinct is to shut everything out, then choose what to consume. Xenophon excels at come up with a core narrative that shapes issues to be interesting, credible and compelling.

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David Fuscus - President

David A. Fuscus
David A. Fuscus is President of Xenophon Strategies, a Washington, DC PR firm.

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