Digital & Social

There’s no new media. There’s no old media. There is only media.

There is no old media, there is no new media, there is only media. Modern media is an interconnected ecosphere in which professional journalism, academics, bloggers and social media all influence each other. Regardless of where a story starts it can drive content across all media and amplifying its impact and audience. Influencing or creating news, getting attention for an issue or running a robust communications campaign all have digital & social media marketing components. At Xenophon, we create integrated campaigns and incorporate digital and social through web property development, audience building, social media content and digital advertising.

People today have so much news, information and social content coming at them that the first trick is to get them to pay attention. We create and manage social media properties and fill them with meaningful content, striking graphics, award-winning video and functional websites.


Cultivate Audiences

Effective social media means building and engaging audiences in meaningful ways. We create social campaigns that target and recruit the people clients want to reach.

Social Media

We establish social properties across all major social networks, but we are especially fond of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. We have designed and built social presence that have grown to hundreds of thousands of “likes” and “followers”.

Content Creation

Xenophon excels at creating engaging social content from occasional to daily posts. All of our content is built on key messages and engaging narratives.


We frequently surgically target advertising at key audiences. For example, through Xenophon’s Audience Directed Advertising™, we can target message to only the users on Capitol Hill, or even to the office building of a key committee.