Some say that journalism is dying, we disagree. Quality news outlets and journalists are becoming more important because they have credibility and drive both digital and social content. In a world where so much news is consumed online, people must constantly determine whether or not a story, blog or social post is credible. Professional journalists, especially from well-known, quality, outlets are gaining greater influence because of the public’s thirst for credibility. No firm is better at impacting news and journalists than Xenophon; it is something we do every day.

A recent Pew Research Center study ranked the top national press stories of the previous decade: Xenophon substantially worked on 15 of 24 for our clients. Whether it’s The Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes or specialized industry publications, we have decades of experience working with journalists. Some clients want to get into the news, some want to get out of the news; we are experts at doing both.


Editorial Boards

Meeting with a publication’s editorial staff remains a key way to educate journalists and spur editorials and stories. We set up the meetings, prep our clients and staff them with outlets like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and USA Today.

Managing National News

Every year we manage, place or influence dozens of stories in top national news outlets such as appearances on The Today Show, stories in The New York Times, editorials in The Wall Street Journal and, yes, even prep clients for potentially uncomfortable interviews with 60 Minutes or Dateline.

Media Experts

Our media experts are former journalists, top government and industry spokespeople who work with journalists every day. We know how to shape news, create news and get our clients heard.

Messaging & Strategy

At the core of every communications effort is messages and narrative: what is the story that we want to tell? How do we make it interesting? In today’s world, people are bombarded with so much information that their first instinct is to shut everything out, then choose what to consume. Xenophon excels at come up with a core narrative that shapes issues to be interesting, credible and compelling.

News Creation

If you don’t have news, it’s time to create it. From crafting news hooks to press conferences and events, we consistently generate high quality wide-reach media for our clients.

Op-Eds & Columnists

We write and place op-ed columns, get professional columnists and bloggers to focus on issues and are a source for editorials. We work with newspapers like The Washington Post and digital news outlets like The Huffington Post and specialized blogs.

Professional Journalists

Our media experts have decades of experience working with professional journalists to consistently provide quality coverage for our clients. Our networks among reporters are unsurpassed.

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