Defining The Narrative

At the core of every communications effort is messages and narrative: what is the story that we want to tell? How do we make it interesting? In today’s world, people are bombarded with so much information that their instinct is to first shut everything out, then choose what to consume. Xenophon excels at come up with a core narrative that shapes issues to be interesting, credible and compelling.


Message Development

Xenophon generally runs a half day facilitated messaging session with clients in which we dissect issues and put them together into a compelling narrative. It’s followed by a suite of materials to convey our messages across all media.

Message Testing

Frequently we will work with top research firms to test messaging in a number of different forums: qualitative (Focus Groups); quantitative (Polling) or with a panel of issue experts (on-line). Tested messages mean effective messages.

Strategic Counsel

Strategy is what we want to do and tactics are how we are going to do it. Xenophon excels in developing innovative strategies that communicate directly with the audience we need to influence.