Award-Winning Public Relations


Xenophon is at the top of PR firms in DC and the U.S. and we are widely acclaimed as a pioneer in advanced public communications. We create integrated campaigns, but believe that influencing professional media is crucial because credible stories drive digital content and social audiences. We work with some of the world’s best known companies, associations, industries and governments and are especially skilled in aviation & aerospace, transportation, energy, financial services and technology. If you need help with strategic communications, contact us now for a free consultation.

Learn Why Clients Love Us


Xenophon executes precision campaigns at the local, state and national levels by targeting key audiences and surrounding them with our client’s stories and narrative. We identify the most influential journalists, educate their sources and target the social media mavens who move opinions and get attention. Sometimes we do this by pitching an irresistible news story or cutting a short, compelling, video to amuse and educate. We build social audiences based on relevance not to just get a high “follower” or “like” count filled with bots and unrelated audiences.

Washington DC is more than just a city or media market, it is the issues & reputation capital of the world. No where does the light of public attention shine brighter than here, because issues and communications influence key audiences across the nation and worldwide. DC has one of the highest concentrations of journalists of any city and has emerged as a key location for internet news.

We're Cut From A Different Cloth


At Xenophon we are writers, politicos, journalists, policy wonks, agency veterans, crisis experts, technology geeks, campaign gurus, artists, bloggers and policy tacticians. One thing we all share is a fascination with communications and how we can impact the public’s perception of organizations and important stories. Because we handle such a wide variety of issues across many different industries, having a diverse staff has its benefits; we are focused detailed and highly creative.

Our senior staff includes political, policy and crisis pro David Fuscus (president), ex-journalist for Forbes and USA Today Mark Hazlin (SVP) and acclaimed agency pro Jennifer Lay (VP). Xenophon’s staff enjoy the agency, our clients and our work and tend to stay with the firm; our turnover rate (or lack of) is the envy of the PR industry.

At the Top of the PR Industry


Xenophon works across numerous industries and are at the top of the food chain in Public Relations, Digital & Social, Crisis & Issues, Public Affairs and Litigation Communications.

Public relations used to be just media relations, but now surrounding audiences with key messages and compelling stories is fundamental to breaking through today’s media clutter. We get attention with practices that build upon fundamental PR and the latest technologies.

We are especially proud of our work in crisis communication and Xenophon is among the top crisis management firms anywhere. We’ve worked every major aviation accident in the U.S. since 2000 along with major hurricanes, product recalls and even scandals like the Duke Lacrosse criminal case. Our crisis clients include major brands like Airbus, Williams-Sonoma, The Salvation Army, ZF TRW and Alaska Airlines, but also lesser known companies managing reputation-impacting events.

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Learn What Makes Good PR Great PR


Our Team builds communications campaigns to help you tell your story, so that you can sell, advocate, educate or influence. Our staff comes from different disciplines but have a single goal: telling your story. One thing we all share is a fascination with communications and how we can impact the public’s perception of organizations and important stories. Because we handle such a wide variety of issues across many different industries, having a diverse staff has it benefits; we are focused, detailed and creative.

Our clients come from around the world but are concentrated in the United States, Canada and Europe. The firm is a long term member of the Public Relations Global Network with over 50 partner agencies worldwide employing more than 800 professionals which gives us the ability to work anywhere. Xenophon CEO David Fuscus is an officer of PRGN and a long standing member of the Executive Committee.

Global Acclaim For a PR Pioneer


The Public Relations Global Network is worldwide and they recently awarded Xenophon their 2019 Public Affairs Campaign of the Year, not bad considering we also won the PRGN 2017  Campaign of the Year…and the 2015, 2014 and 2011 Public Affairs Campaigns of the Year. In 2018, Xenophon also received PRGN’s Silver Medal for Communications with Millennials.

And we’ve won tons of other accolades, including the Public Relation Society’s Silver Anvil Award for the top Public Affairs Campaign of the Year… twice… and the Thoth Award “Best of Show…. and an award from PR NEWS for Crisis Management…. Well, you get the idea.

Oh, we almost forgot. Xenophon’s digital team wanted you to know we won PRGN’s 2016 Gold Medal for Digital & Social Communications.

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